About the EngageMedia Blog

Our main site at EngageMedia.org is in the process of changing.

Soon, we’ll move the video component of the site — thousands of social justice and environmental videos from the Asia Pacific — to its dedicated subdomain (video.EngageMedia.org).

What remains will focus on EngageMedia’s own content: programs, projects, events, our thoughts about all these, and more.

We had initially planned on waiting for the two new websites (the new EngageMedia.org and video.EngageMedia.org) to be fully designed and developed before making any changes.

But we couldn’t wait to tell you about some exciting projects on the horizon.

One such project is our Impact Experiment, something Executive Director Andrew Lowenthal wrote about in a post to launch this blog.

β.EngageMedia.org is a work in progress, and we’d love to hear your insights as we improve this site together. If you have comments, questions, suggestions — or even if you just want to say Hi! — send us an email or use our main site’s Contact Page. We’ll be more than happy to engage 😉

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